Zamier Ahmed

Vice Chairman

Zamier has had a deep-rooted interest in sustainable business practices and operations since being at University.

He has worked in the telecommunications, financial and development sectors and spent the last fifteen years working in developing economies in South Asia and Eastern Europe as well as in the Middle East. He has been actively involved in the automotive sector and recently associated with the acquisition of an electric car manufacturer subsequently leading to a collaboration to develop a brand new electric vehicle with Alphan Manas. Together with Alphan Manas, spearheaded a plan to acquire a major brand name in the automotive sector.

Zamier is involved in developing new nanotechnology investments in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors as well as helping to develop a brand new technology using an organic method for desalination of sea water.

Zamier is a graduate of University of Cambridge with a Masters from London School of Economics. He has attended several programmes in sustainable economics and development at MIT, Harvard University and University of Melbourne among others.