Carbons Relate to Ester Branches from Base Triglyceride

Natural Oil Based Polyol Product Groups

Elastomeric Materials And Coatings
A broad range of materials which incorporate durability, flexibility, strength, superb adhestion qualities and corrosion resistance.

Semi-Flexible Foam
High performance, micro cellular foam with hard wearing durable skinning.

Flexible Foam
‘Economic Extenders’ to conventional systems and viscosity modifiers.

Semi-Rigid Foam
High resilliant, slow, gentle foaming systems. Used in the packaging industry.

Rigid Foam
Superior skinning with extremely hard and durable surfaces tailored to the customers needs. Cell structure modified to the customers needs. Can also be skinless, for applications such as laminations and cavity filling. 100% water blown foam system.

Trimerisation Foam
High rigidity foam, can be made friable as to the customers needs, ie medical mouldings for casts. Innate flame retardancy.

Polymer Concrete
A lightweight ‘concrete’ with substantial strength. Extremely durable and resilient to attack. Our Polymer Concrete is one of the most versatile and practical materials available. Can be moulded, extruded, spray applied and so-on. Up to 80% filler content, fibre reinforcement etc. can easily be