Polyurethane Applications using Natural Oil Based Polyol


  • Roof and floor coatings. Water proofing, sewage lining.
  • Corrugated sheeting, Curbstones, Posts, Junction boxes, Window sills and lintels, Window frames, Door frames, Littler bins, Mouldings, Decorative panels, Cladding, Pipework, Water tanks, Drains, Guttering, Garden ornaments, Garden path components.
  • Heavy duty pipes, Water channels, Troughs, Lids/covers, Reinforced concrete supports, Marine construction materials.
  • Steel protection, water tank lining, anti fouling, vapour barrier, chemical tank protection.
  • Troughs, Lids/covers, Reinforced concrete supports,
  • Machine foundations, Plastic casings, Chemical plant drainage, Storage tanks

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  • Fibre reinforced resins, linings, wheels, rollers, electrical encapsulation, shoe soles, adhesives paints and sealants.


  • Bumpers, spoilers, head restraints, seats, dashboards, arm rests protective padding. Impact absorption, seals, anti vibration.
  • Cavity fillers, Headlinings, trim.

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Furniture and Decor

  • Furniture, upholstery, carpet underlay, automotive seats, mattresses, cushions, Imitation wood panels, carvings, beams cornices. Panel moulding.
  • Bathroom fixtures, Sinks, Desks, Tables, Work tops, Litter bins, Flower pots/ boxes, Roof tiles (mock slate / clay).
  • Naturally flame retardant sheets- superb for inside of fire doors.


  • Packaging, foam blocks and sheets for DIY, clothing, toys, medical, padding, sponges.


  • Refrigeration, cold stores, cool rooms, cool containers. Refrigerated transport. Water heaters, sound insulation systems, pipe insulation.
  • External and internal wall panels. Spray insulation. Building blocks.


  • Buoys, Buoyancy systems, Surf boards.


  • Friable, strong foam for casting moulds for arthritis treatment and other medical applications.