About Us

ProloOil is an innovative company producing polyurethane polyol systems from renewable, sustainable oils such as vegetable oils, fish oils and similar feedstocks from all over the world. Indeed, even some oils such as chicken fat can be used in some applications.

Our process systems enable us to manufacture many other products including motor oils.

ProloOil utilises experience and expertise from leading experts in this field who are known and respected today as a world-leading authority on polyurethane technology, especially from natural oils.

This technology includes a complete manufacturing process that can produce polyols on an industrial scale. The polyols can then be made into environmentally friendly products such as insulation foams, floral foams, elastomers of almost any degree of flexibility, rigid fake-wood, etc. The list is endless, limited only by the imagination.


In the early 1970’s, Denis Potter developed a technique to produce polyurethane polyols from vegetable oils and other natural bases. The first company was established in 1972 as NRG (Natural Resources Group) in the UK.

Due to an uncompetitive pricing situation against petro-chemical based polyols, organic based polyols were mainly used in end products, especially as housing components of which were based on a long term agreement made with New Directions Foundation (www.newdirectionsfoundation.org).

New Direction Foundation had made another agreement with NRG to build biodiesel refineries in underdeveloped countries. By 2010, NRG together with New Direction Foundation had installed over 20 plants worldwide.

By 2011, Brightwell Holdings acquired the assets and the IPR of the company. The Potter family are still shareholders of the company, bringing 65 years of experience in the field of natural oil based polyurethanes.

Our Mission

Through providing such a simple approach to the production of polyols, ProloOil aims to establish a select number of companies in various countries throughout the world, to participate in the group's international expansion. Using ProloOil technology and know-how from Steven Potter and others, these companies would manufacture polyols and polyurethane systems.

This localised production approach enables the competitive supply of product to the market whilst allowing licensees and/or partners to source raw materials close to their manufacturing plant.

Partners are to be involved in manufacturing specialised end products, using systems designed by ProloOil's own engineering team.

These include for example, materials used by the building and construction industry, such as low cost housing, roof slates sheet system and building panels.